Before I started out this websiteI was an e-commerce store owner, like you. And today, I still am.

I started out as an Affiliate Marketer in 2010, promoting several digital products on Clickbank and building my first website.

Subsequently I've moved on to e-commerce and finally found my first success, racking in my first 5-figure income per month during my college years. And since then, I’ve been doing this for the past 7 years and I’ve done very well from this industry.. It’s pretty mind-boggling.


I've always love helping people to succeed. In fact, if not for my sub-par academic results, I would have wanted to be a teacher or a lecturer. I’ve always believed in using my knowledge to help other business owners, because I truly understand how difficult it is for aspiring start-ups. That’s why, I use what I've learnt over the past few years in my e-commerce business to give back to the community. Nothing is more satisfactory than seeing the people that I've helped succeed.

And it’s why I started this website to help you guys succeed. You can read my FREE articles that I've written to help you with many interesting and useful strategies and techniques that is designed to give you an edge in competition. If you want to have access to the powerful software and tools that my team and I personally use that enables us to scale our revenue and profits, check out here.



Our aim is to change the game for thousands of Shopify stores.

My team and I are committed in innovating every day to create smarter e-commerce tools for growing your business — and for growing our business, too. We also run one of the world’s top-selling Shopify stores. So when you use our apps, you’re supercharging your business with the electric selling power of an entire team of experts.


We’re a group of e-commerce enthusiast dedicated and committed to give you the best of what’s working RIGHT NOW, and delivering the industry’s #1 customer support.