A simple set-up to create Upsell and Cross-sell products for your shopify store, with discount feature to persuade buyers to buy more — excellent way to increase your order value and sales!

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A intelligent software to configure your estimated shipping time. It will display estimated delivery date message for all products or specified products — this create trust and customers are far more likely to buy something if they know it’ll arrive on time. 


Jason Mars
CEO of Pawtory

“The Simplistic Upsell & Cross-sell shopify app is very straightforward to use. My revenue and profits increased by 3x ever since I've started using this app. I highly recommend this shopify app if you're looking for an Upsell and Cross-sell feature.”

I really love the Magic Shipping Display app! A simple installation and a good approach to address shipping time to customers automatically. A very useful tool for your Shopify store!

Kenneth Lemott

The best upsell and cross-sell app that I ever used. Very user friendly and sync well with my online store. Great app indeed. Highly recommended... Cheers!

Ariel Chua 
Founder of Misara

Absolutely love the Magic Shipping Display app! Used this recently and it saved me a lot of trouble addressing shipping time! Just simply key in the estimated range of days to arrive and it will tabulate out the actual date to arrive to their address. I highly recommend!

Clara Rodriguez Fernandez
Founder of 51 Coffee

I am a technically challenged person but the Simplistic Upsell & Cross-sell app is an amazing and simple app to use. It has boosted my sales greatly and now I managed to generated $138,000 this month simply by adding this app into my shopify store. If you're someone who simply hates to deal with complicated app, this is of the the very few upsell apps that you can use.

George Wilson
MD of Pupperz Pet Supply