• Derick Ho

3 Top Niches That Are Racking In Sales During Covid-19!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The pandemic has become the biggest economic shock since World War II.

Covid-19 has changed the way how businesses around the world operate.

One major trend in businesses will be the increasing shift towards remote deployment. In short, working-from-home could become a norm rather than an exception as it has been during the pre-covid-19 period.

This also effectively translates that more and more people will be jumping onto the Shopify bandwagon while they are working at home for a side hustle.

I always believe that for every crisis that kills certain businesses, there will always be new opportunities that arise.

Just like Covid-19, certain niches have skyrocketed in demand. Having to adapt to new ways of living has given birth to new niches, trends, and products.

This article will share 3 of the hottest niches right now, and why they are each so successful. Plus, I will also reveal a product in each niche that is currently racking in sales.

#1: LED Strip Lights

Recently, LED strip lights have seen a rapid increase in demand.

And truth be told, I'm one of the consumers of this niche during this pandemic so that's why it's the first on the list.

Covid-19 has placed certain restrictions and has disrupted the way on how we can entertain ourselves. No more amusement parks, no more pubs, and night partying. And with the authorities issuing orders on everyone to stay at home, as such people would start finding ways to re-create the entertainments they can provide themselves at home.

And hence, this is what caused the birth of a new top-selling item – the LED strip lights.

#2: Home Appliances

Now most of us are working at home, hence the time spent at home will be more. Eventually, people would want to get little improvements to their homes.

It may be a pipe that needs fixing, or technology that needs an upgrade. Nonetheless, upgrading their home appearance is something many of us are focusing on.

One good example is this Air Dehumidifier.

They were already quite popular before the covid-19 pandemic. But being indoors has given people more opportunities to take care of their well-being. Of course, depending on which country you are going to market to.

Let's take my home country for example. In Singapore, our country humidity is high, ranging between 70-90%, hence there isn't any need for a humidifier. But since my country humidity is high, these dehumidifiers are going to sell well in Singapore.

Home and improvements prove promising as a niche to get started with. If this sounds like a potential niche, your aim is to research products designed to make life easy or improve the well-being at home.

Niche #3: Smart Home Appliances

This is in complement on top of niche 2, but a more in-depth of normal home appliances. I'm referring to those home appliances that come with smart features.

One such example of a product that is racking in sales is this automatic toothpaste dispenser. This product is successful for two reasons.

  1. It is aesthetically pleasing.

  2. It solves a huge pain point for parents

Kids simply nudge their toothbrushes under the dispenser while waiting for it to automatically squeeze out the right amount of paste.

But this is one of the many smart home appliances to try out. You can also consider a smart bed lamp, smart plug, or even a smart curtain as product ideas for your store.


The point of this article is not to sell the above-mentioned products in your store. It is to understand why they are successful.

Always remember that successful dropshippers do not copy other people’s products. Rather, they take the time to understand why customers like to buy products. From there, they start to handpick a range of products to build a brand of itself.

They search for products that have the potential to be a bestseller. Products that no one has focused on yet.

Successful dropshippers will know that copy-and-paste other people's products would eventually find themselves competing with everyone else on pricing, there's no end to this.

If you understand by now, the goal is NOT to sell what everyone else is selling. It is to understand why these products were successful. Then, apply the knowledge you have gained to source your own unique product.

Talk soon,