• Derick Ho

Understanding The Importance of "Blind Dropshipping"

As of late, I get asked a lot of questions and emails from drop-shippers like this:

“Won’t the AliExpress seller include an invoice in the package, telling the buyer the real price I paid? Won’t they get angry?”

In addition to long shipping times, this is another issue beginners tend to worry about.

The simple solution to this is blind dropshipping your items.

This article is going to be everything about blind dropshipping. I’ll show you how you can do it yourself, why it is so important, and even give you a free script you can copy and use when it’s time to do it.

But before we do that, firstly we need to know….

What is Blind Dropshipping?

A blind drop ship means that the products you sell on your website, look as though they are sold by and shipped by you—and not by a wholesaler, importer, or other vendors.

It is a smart way to hide any marketing material you don’t want your customers to see.

And this is important — more important than you might think.

Let me give you a scenario.

Imagine you are a store owner: A customer orders an item from your store for $20. Upon receiving their item, they open up their package and become rather confused by the price they see on the invoice: “$1.49?!”

“HOLY SHIT!!!” they shockingly stared into the invoice sheet with utter shock and disbelief. “This is a total scam!!! I paid $20 for this when it only costs a mere $1.49?!?!?!? RIP OFF!”

The result? You will gain a very unhappy customer — followed by a PayPal dispute, and probably a LONG, long customer complaint.

That will be a problem. But do you know what the real problem is? You included the invoice you paid to ship the customer’s item, not the price your customer initially saw on your Shopify store.

By default, suppliers will include this is in your packaging which obviously drives a lot of customers up the wall. They feel ripped-off at the fact that they could easily have gone directly to where we purchased it from.


and bought it for much, much cheaper than what we sold it to them for.

In essence, your customer now assumes you to be a “cheat", or "scam". While you know that this obviously isn't true, but from experience, consumers are quick to label any funny business as a cheat or scam, especially they don’t actually know who you are.

In reality, people don’t really care as much about the price they paid for an item — unless they become aware of the price differences. And the only way to risk having them aware of the actual price you pay for the item, that is if you don’t actively control what can or cannot be contained inside your customer’s packaging.

With blind dropshipping, it hides the invoice so the customer is unable to see how much you really paid for the item.

Here how's it works.

When an order is placed, you pay the wholesaler directly. And when it is shipped, the drop shipping company will ship the item to your customer using a blind method (no invoice or any details about the company that you purchased) so your buyer will naturally assume that the order came directly from you.

In other words, the name of the original supplier will not be added to the order. The same applies to the wholesale price charged by the supplier – it will not be included in the shipment. So essentially, your buyer will never know your wholesale cost.

And as a result, the buyer has no idea where you got the item from, meaning they can’t go directly to the vendor or find the real price for it. This is the power of blind dropshipping.

What this means is that you won’t put yourself at unnecessary risk of any PayPal disputes, chargebacks, or complaints from furious customers.

So How to Blindly Dropship?

Blind dropshipping is ridiculously simple. All you need to do is ask the AliExpress supplier to do it.

Yes, it's that simple.

On the checkout page, before you click on your final payment in Aliexpress, you’ll be offered an option to leave a message for the seller. Simply copy and paste this message:

“Hi there. Please do not include an invoice or any marketing materials with this order. Please blindly dropship this item. Thank you.”

Your supplier will have your item will be shipped out WITHOUT any invoices, or marketing materials, or coupon codes inside the package.

As you can see, just by simply using one simple script, you have control over what you DO NOT want to be shown in your customer’s package, therefore eliminating any potential complaints from curious or unhappy customers.

PRO TIP: If you’d prefer to be extra safe, reach out to your supplier and ask them directly if they offer blind dropshipping, and check that they understand what it is.

That is why I kept emphasizing that it is important to build a good relationship with your vendors.

So now here comes the next question.

Why would suppliers be willing to blindly dropship?

Well, like you and me, there are hundreds of thousands of dropshippers out there that helped these AliExpress suppliers made a ton of money.

Because dropshippers have the ability to move large amounts of volume.

If you didn't know by now, many AliExpress suppliers work closely with dropshippers who actively seek them out.

As a result of working with us, AliExpress suppliers are used to the needs of dropshippers and know how to fulfill items for you while hiding their identity.

If you’re familiar with Aliexpress, you would know by now there are already THOUSANDS of suppliers on there. So which suppliers should you seek out?

From my experience, I recommend that you only work with suppliers that have a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million.

Sellers within this feedback range are the “sweet spot”. Such suppliers are likely to have prior experience working with dropshippers so will understand your requests.

These suppliers do not usually do an insane amount of sales volume, so they will be more likely to pay close attention to your messages.

On the other hand, those suppliers that do an insane amount of sales volume would more than likely to ignore your messages. In fact, some may even be too busy to pay attention to your messages as they would have a large volume of fulfillments to clear in a day in order to hit the targeted arrival date, which could potentially be a disaster if they include the original invoice in the packaging.


In reality, one thing to keep in mind is that oftentimes, these seemingly complicated problems in fact have very simple solutions to deal with them.

Often, people get held back from starting a dropshipping business because of this, sayings things like:

  • I want to do this, but I’m worried the customer will get an invoice in their package.

  • Won’t people complain about shipping times?

With a little bit of research, you suddenly realize the problem you were ‘wilding’ over isn’t as big as you had imagined.

Ending this article on this note: If you ever hit a stumbling block along the way, DO NOT let it stop you. Be resourceful and in your approach to finding a solution. It’s likely to be simpler than you realized.

If others have done it, I do not see why can't you.

Talk soon,